BTN Train Unsyiah Students Business Property

12.09.2017 Humas

Bank Tabungan Indnesia (BTN) trains hundreds of Unsyiah students to do business properties, through the Property Literacy Training activity of 10,000 Young Entrepreneurs in Property in Flamboyan AAC Room Dayan Dawodd. (Monday, 9/11)

Vice Rector III of Unsyiah, Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC said, entrepreneurship is a capability that must be owned by everyone. Although in the end we do not choose to entrepreneurship.

"We can think entrepreneur as the endurance in facing all the problems of this life," said Alfian.

Therefore, according to Alfiansyah, during this time Unsyiah always give attention and support to students related to the world of entrepreneurship. Including positive activities initiated by this BTN.

"Currently in Unsyiah there are also entrepreneur courses, and now stands UPT Entrepreneurship an official SOTK in the ministry structure," said Alfiansyah.

Meanwhile, Branch Manager of BTN KCP Banda Aceh, Andy Ruchmono revealed, the purpose of this activity is to provide knowledge to Unsyiah students related to property business. Because according to Andy, property business is very valuable compared to other businesses.

"I can say that the business of property has no death, and this business has excellent growth potential compared to other businesses," said Andy.

According to Andy, fund is not an obstacle if the students want to do the business property seriously.

"Fund is only our intention, our desire to be developed, the rest is integrity and commitment," he said.

So Andy hopes this property literacy training can increase the knowledge of Unsyiah students, as well as provide motivation for them to dare to entrepreneurship.

In this training also attended the representatives of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Aceh, Head of UPT Entrepeneurship Unsyiah. drh. M. Hanafiah, M.P., as well as Aceh young entrepreneur Sayed Muhammad Iqbal.