The Rectors Assemble to Against Radicalism

15.09.2017 Humas

The rectors of State and Private Universities in Aceh gathered to conduct a coordination meeting at the Senate Hall of Syiah Kuala University, Thursday afternoon (9/14). This coordination meeting was in preparation for attending the meeting of university leaders in Indonesia for the National Action of Universities Against Radicalism on September 25-26 year 2017 in Nusa Dua, Bali, attended by President Jokowi.

In his speech, Rector of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal. M.Eng, said the meeting aims to equate perceptions of radicalism so that all universities in Aceh share the same view.

"This meeting is motivated by the state of Indonesia in recent years. This action is from us to us. Hopefully there will be follow-up action after the declaration, "he said.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Rector of Teuku Umar University, Prof. Dr. Jasman J Ma'ruf SE MBA, who assessed this declaration as a form of the spirit of keeping NKRI.

The meeting is also expected to give birth to the declaration items that accommodate the aspirations of all universities in Aceh. Some of the proposed declarations also appear as not connecting Islam with radicalism and also bring the values ​​of local wisdom of Aceh.

Appeared to be present, Rector of UIN Ar-Raniry, Prof. Dr. Farid Wajdi Ibrahim MA, Rector Unmuha, Drs H Muharrir Asy'ari Lc Mag, Rector Unimal, Prof. Dr. Apridar, M.Si, and the rector and head of universities in Aceh.