Unsyiah Conduct International Food Fest

12.09.2017 Humas

Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) once again conducted International Food Fest (IFF) II which was held from September 12-14 2017 in the courtyard of Gedung Gelanggang Mahasiswa Prof. A. Madjid Ibrahim. Tuesday, (9/12).

This international culinary festival features food from several countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan and America. The typical food of each country is presented by participants who are foreign students of Unsyiah.

Rector Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng said, this culinary festival is one good way to awaken the creative economy of society. In addition, through cross cultural exhibitions such as this culture also get educated culture so as to think openly.

"This is a good opportunity for us to know each other and socialize with other cultures through culinary," said Rector.

According to Rector, positive activities like this, are also an effective way to prevent the danger of radicalism among students who have recently become a serious threat to society.

"Because we hope the students should have a lot of positive activities, so they can avoid the danger of radicalism," said Rector.

Rector also hopes, Local Government can participate in food festival like this in the next year. The way is by involving students of Unsyiah who come from various regions both inside and outside Aceh to display the culinary of the region, so that the culinary of the archipelago can be better known.

"There are many Unsyiah students who come from various archipelago, and they have a distinctive culinary that worthy of display. So in the future, hopefully the Local Government can become a sponsor, "said Rector.

Deputy Director of Office of International Affairs (OIA) Unsyiah Dr. Miftahuddin said, IFF is part of the 56th anniversary of Unsyiah Dies Natalis. This culinary festival is also the second time held by OIA Unsyiah. Earlier in 2016 OIA Unsyiah has conducted the Korean Food Festival.

"If previously only Korean food, then this year we involve more culinary from various countries," said Miftahuddin.

IFF II Committee Chairman Delila Husna Yunardi said, IFF II followed by 20 booths and involving 11 countries joined in Dharma Siswa Unsyiah. Besides food exhibition, the committee also performs cooking demos, games, cultural performances, easy talk, taekwondo attractions, and student and guest performance.

"Here the participants who come from various countries can present their culture and culinary," said Delila.