Academic Data Clarification Results Of Prospective New Students Graduate Of Snmptn Syiah Kuala University 2017

08.05.2017 Humas

Based on the Clarification results of Data Academic prospective of new students graduate SNMPTN Syiah Kuala university 2017on May 4-5, 2017, with this Rector of Syiah Kuala University announced as follows:

  1. For graduates whose names are found in the attachment is stated PASSED CLARIFICATION and RECEIVED as prospective student of Syiah Kuala University. The graduates MUST PRESENT on May 16, 2017 at 07.30 - 08.30 WIB at Students Arena Prof. A. Madjid Ibrahim Building, Syiah Kuala University Darussalam. For the graduates whose not present in the date and time  are stated RESIGN as prospective student of Syiah Kuala University.  Please bring document as follows: a. Print out proof of submission of snmptn student file or can be reprinted through . b. SKHU or Certificate of Graduation original from School.


  1. New student candidate who has passed the verification and clarification, but not graduated from SMU/SMK/equal are stated failed as a prospective student of Syiah Kuala University.


  1. For SNMPTN graduates of Syiah Kuala University who do not submit academic data until May 5, 2017 is considered RESIGN.


  1. For graduates  who are declared PASS VERIFICATION AND CLARIFICATION shall required to fill out the Pre-registration of Uang Kuliah Tunggal Berkeadilan (UKTB) through http: // from 11 s.d 15 Mei 2017. The requirements of UKTB filling can be seen on the page.


Thus announcement is issued to be understood.

Darussalam, May 8, 2017


Please download the attachment