Registration of Facilitator Pekerti-AA Unsyiah Period 2017 – 2018

21.03.2017 Humas

According with the implementation of Pekerti-AA training at Syiah Kuala university (Unsyiah), Institutions of Educational Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M) will held the selection for facilitators team of Pekerti-AA Unsyiah Period 2017-2018.  The candidates can fill in the online form at the following link:


Criteria for Facilitator candidates :

  1. Unsyiah lecturer who has had a teaching certificate
  2. Have a working life as Unsyiah lecturer  at least 15 years
  3. Experienced as facilitator/trainer (certificate as a proof)
  4. Mastering one/some Pekerti-AA material as proofed by the following physical evidence:
  • Certificate of Teaching, support the subject that related with Pekerti-AA material
  • S2/S3 Certificate, areas of expertise on education relating to the training expert of Pekerti-AA
  • Training certificate (according with Pekerti-AA material)
  1. Prepare training scenarios with the Student Center Learning approach in accordance with the material to be taught;
  2. The criteria number 3, 4, and 5 are expected for the participants to submit physical evidence to LP3M at least March 30, 2017 during office hours.


For the further information you can contact:

Susilawati, M.Ed  (085270330782)

Silvia, ST  (081269582580)